Italian National Research Council – Institute for Bioeconomy

The Institute for BioEconomy (IBE) was born on June 1, 2019 from the merger of the Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) and the Institute for the Enhancement of Wood and Arboreal Species (IVALSA), which over the years have developed skills and complementarity in the strategic sector of the bioeconomy. This discipline, including activities that use renewable bio-resources of the terrestrial biosphere to produce food, materials and energy, therefore includes the sector of primary production (agriculture, forests, fishing), as well as the industrial sectors of use and transformation of resources, that food, wood, part of the chemical industry, biotechnology and energy. The strategies of environmental sustainability and use of resources, reduction of impacts, strengthening of resilience and support for mitigation are included in this topic, which therefore has a strong interdisciplinary value. A bioeconomy worthy of the name and placed in this historical moment of change cannot ignore the knowledge of the factors that regulate the function and survival of anthropized systems, and therefore from meteorology, climatology and oceanography, which are an integral part of this Institute.