LIFE MycoRestore

Mediterranean forests are currently subject to multiple biotic and abiotic stress factors. LIFE MycoRestore intends to use various mycological resources and forest management practices as added value for the improvement of the biological resilience of forests in Spain, Italy and Portugal, also generating new sources of income and ensuring the stability of forest ecosystem services by counteracting the effects of climate change .


LIFE Primed

In the last decades, phenomena of forest decline have been observed across the planet. Throughout Europe, coastal forest ecosystems have been under the pressure of man’s direct or indirect action. This has led to substantial changes in the composition and structure of tree populations, up to extreme cases of high and sudden mortality of forests and loss of the associated habitats. LIFE Primed project will quantify the exact causes that have led to the current unfavourable conservation status and will define and implement appropriate and innovative actions capable to restore the affected ecosystems of Italy and Greece!