LIFE4FIR celebrates 30 years of the LIFE programme!! – 16-17 May 2022

LIFE programme celebrates 30 years! LIFE4FIR organized two events to celebrate the programme and promote initiatives to protect the environment.

Open day in Polizzi Generosa

On May 16, 2022, an open day was organized at the council chamber of the Municipality of Polizzi Generosa (Italy) dedicated to raising awareness on environmental issues and the conservation of Abies nebrodensis (here the agenda of the day).

Several school groups took part in the event: the LIFE4FIR project and the opportunities for the environment offered by the LIFE programme were presented to them.

At the end of the presentations at the council chamber, the group walked towards the population of Abies Nebrodensis managed by the LIFE4FIR project, to learn about the activities in progress for their protection. The open day ended with a lunch at the Piano di Noce nursery served by the students of the Hotel School.

Workshop at the botanical garden of the University of Palermo

On May 17, the Workshop ‘Innovative strategies for the ex situ conservation of Abies nebrodensis was held in the Domenico Lanza Room of the Botanical Garden of the University of Palermo (here the program of the event).

During the workshop the ex situ propagation strategies adopted during the project for the conservation of Abies nebrodensis ex situ were presented

The LIFE4FIR technical course “La propagazione vegetativa delle conifere: corso teorico e pratico di innesto dell’Abies nebrodensis” – Polizzi Generosa (Italy), 18 November 2021

The LIFE4FIR project consortium organized a technical course on the grafting of Abies Nebrodensis at the Piano Noce nursery on 18 November 2021, where the IBE-CNR experts gave a theoretical and practical lesson to the technicians and workers of the Region and the Madonie Park Authority.

The course was designed with the aim of providing brief basic notions on the vegetative propagation of conifers and the practice of grafting the Madonie fir, in order to promote the conservation of the species through the creation of a clonal arboretum.

Here are some photos taken during the event.

Workshop LIFE4FIR “Abies nebrodensis: perché salvaguardare la biodiversità” – Castelbuono (Italy), 17 November 2021

The workshop organized by the LIFE4FIR project was held on November 17, 2021 at the Minà Palumbo Museum in Castelbuono (the poster is available here).

The event was also attended by the authorities of the Sicily Region, the mayors of the Madonite municipalities and the leaders of the State Forestry Corps.

During the event, the work carried during the LIFE4FIR project was presented and the deriving positive impacts for the environment and for the population of the Abies Nebrodensis were highlighted.

LIFE4FIR at the 116th Congress of the Italian Botanical Society (online) – 8-10 September 2021

The team of CNR-IPSP presented the LIFE4FIR project during the 116th Congress of the Italian Botanical Society, held online from 8 to 10 September 2021.

CNR prepared an abstract titled “Identification and removal of exotic fir trees for in situ preservation of Abies nebrodensis – Rosario Schicchi, Filippo Amato, Giuseppe Di Noto, Anna Geraci, Gaetano La Placa, Stefano Secci, Roberto Danti” and presented a video for disseminating the contents of the LIFE4FIR project to the scientific audience of the event.

LIFE4FIR at the XIII Italian Conference on Biodiversity (online) – 7-9 September 2021

The team of CNR-IPSP presented the LIFE4FIR project during the XIII Italian Conference on Biodiversity, held online from 7 to 9 September 2021.

This event represented an important opportunity to disseminate to a specialised audience the objectives, activities and expected results of the LIFE4FIR project: LIFE4FIR could represent a virtuous model to be replicated for the protection of other endangered species.


Below are the recordings of the two speeches held by Dr. Roberto Danti and Dr. Waed Tarraf, who presented the LIFE4FIR project and related activities.

LIFE4FIR and the Abies Nebrodensis protagonists of the event organized for the FAI Days – 6 June 2021

On Sunday 6 June 2021, as part of the Giornate FAI di primavera, an event dedicated to the Madonie Fir entitled ’Abies nebrodensis, un albero prezioso’ (Abies nebrodensis, a precious tree) was organized.

An excursion to the natural population was led by Prof. Rosario Schicchi of UNIPA and by Dr. Peppuccio Bonomo, executive of the Madonie Park Authority who illustrated the activities and objectives of the Life4fir project to the numerous participants.

The day allowed the exchange of experiences and information between the Life4fir project and the European Network of Geoparks of which the Madonie Regional Park is part.

LIFE4FIR meets the Mayor of Polizzi Generosa – 25 May 2021

On May 25 2021, the Life4fir project delegates met the Mayor of Polizzi Generosa, Gandolfo Librizzi, to define the matter related to the management of the cryobank under construction at the premises of the Abies Nebrodensis Museum, located in the Town Hall.


In the photo from the left: Maria Antonietta Germanà; Dr. Maurizio Lambardi; the Mayor Dr. Gandolfo Librizzi; Dr. Roberto Danti (Life4fir coordinator) and Dr. Peppuccio Bonomo in front of the dewar supplied for storing samples of seeds, pollen, isolated embryos and embryogenic callus lines of Abies nebodensis in liquid nitrogen.

LIFE4FIR for the World Environment Day – 5 May 2021

On Saturday 5th May, the ‘Germogli in Città’ event was organized in Piazza del Duomo in Messina to celebrate the World Environment Day. On this occasion, the Ente Parco delle Madonie prepared a space for the presentation and promotion of the Life4fir project, through the distribution of gadgets, brochures, hats, pencils and the assignment of some young plants of Abies nebrodensis delivered directly by the president of the Park Authority, Dr. Angelo Merlino.

LIFE4FIR for the Natura 2000 day – 21 May 2020

Yesterday, 21 May 2020, the day of the Natura 2000 network was celebrated: this anniversary finds its origins on 21 May 1992, the day in which both the Habitats Directive and the LIFE Program have been approved. The Habitats Directive, together with the Birds Directive (dating back to 1979), formed the basis for the creation of the Natura 2000 Network. This network gathers more than 27 800 protected areas across Europe, and represents an instrument of the European policy for the conservation of the biodiversity and the maintenance of threatened or rare natural habitats and species of flora and fauna.

Over the years, based on the indications of the Habitats Directive, the member states have identified the Sites of Community Interest (SCIs), which are subsequently designated as Special Area of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) established by pursuant to the Birds Directive. In Italy, the SCIs, the SACs and the SPAs belonging to the Natura 2000 network cover a total of about 19% of the national terrestrial territory and more than 7% of the marine one.

LIFE4FIR also wanted to take part in this important day: the project in fact is aimed at protecting the last remaining specimens of Abies nebrodensis, located right inside a site that is part of the Natura 2000 network (habitat 9220*, SCI Ita 02004).

For the occasion, the coordinator Roberto Danti and his Sicilian colleagues Prof. Rosario Schicchi and Dr. Peppuccio Bonomo participated in the releasing of some short videos about our project.